The Wheel of Gifts is a feature in Just Dance 4 where a player spins a wheel that when finished, earns them a new piece of content for them to use.

How ToEdit

The Wheel of Gifts is a little game the player can do from time to time. Whenever a player plays it, a wheel will be shown showscasing 5 pieces of content at a time. The following can be unlocked:

In order to reach the Wheel of Gifts, the player(s) would have to pass a level through Mojo. For all of the versions minus the Xbox 360 version, the wheel would automatically be spinning and the player would have press the A Button to slow the wheel down and eventually stop and land on something. The Xbox 360 version has the player actually spin the wheel where the same effects from the other versions apply. Once the player unlocks the content, it will be in the menu and will have a NEW sticker on it. (Only the Dancer Card Avatars won't appear in the menu and have a NEW Sticker on them. Instead, they will appear in the Dancer Card area)

When there is less than 5 pieces of content left, the wheel will not land on a space that doesn't have a piece of content in it.