Tumbum is a song in Just Dance 2018, Just Dance Now, and the Just Dance Unlimited service. It is by Yemi Alade.


The Classic dance takes place in a rusted atmosphere featuring shapes, colors, and leaves that do various effects such as rotation, switching, and swaying. Some of the shapes seen include circles, diamonds, stars (which stem from some of the diamonds) and rectangles.

The Extreme dance takes place in another rusted atmosphere featuring shapes, colors, and leaves. A lot of the effects done from the setting of the Classic dance are also used in this setting.


Criteria required for unlocking content based off of Tumbum

Classic VersionEdit

  • Just Dance 2018: Available from start
  • Just Dance Now: Available from start (100 Coins per play)

Extreme VersionEdit

  • Just Dance 2018 (Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox One): Gift Machine[1]
  • Just Dance 2018 (Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox 360): Game Progression (Tenth alternate to be unlocked)

Appearances in other songsEdit

Song Appearance Description
All You Gotta Do The coach from the Extreme Version is seen dancing in the background of the setting from the Classic Version




Appearances in other songsEdit





  1. The Gift Machine itself needs to be unlocked first before unlocking the content. In order to unlock it, the player must perform to four songs from the set tracklist.
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