The Puppet Master mode is a mode featured in Just Dance 4 where one player takes control over which dances will be shown for the other players to perform to. In later games it appears as the "Party Master" mode.


Puppet MasterEdit

The first appearance of the mode was on the Wii U version of Just Dance 4. The Puppet Master mode involved one player controlling which dancers would appear for the players to perform to using the Wii U Gamepad. The gamepad layout had four dancers at the bottom to pick from, one from each game, while the current dancer was at the top. If the player did not pick any of the options, the dancer from the song would be used.

Throughout the song an option called Strike A Pose would appear. If the player clicked on it, the controller would offer one of four poses given for the players to pose to. The controller would then either pick who did the pose the best and would award them 1,000 points or not pick anyone at all, which results in no one getting points. The Strike A Pose option was optional and would stay available until the end of the performance

Party MasterEdit

In Just Dance 2014, the mode was revamped under a different name: the Party Master mode. The format was relativity the same, but the Strike A Pose option was removed from the mode. The options were also not limited to their source; dancers could come from any game and games could be represented with more dancers. A new feature that was added to the mode was the ability to switch to another song, which took up two move choices. This format would later be kept in future games of the main series.

For Just Dance 2014, along with the Wii U, the mode was made available for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One through Xbox Smartglass. It went back to appearing only in the Wii U version in later games.

Dance DirectorEdit

In Just Dance Kids 2014, a mode called the Dance Director mode was available for play. It worked for all songs and was done in a similar fashion, where one person decides what moves the rest of the people do. The only exception is that instead of moves, they're suggestions. (such as dancing like a cheerleader or dancing like a robot)

Songs Edit

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