This page is about a Medley, where songs get combined to form one dance. This is not to be confused with a Mashup, where the dancers from their original songs get put into another song to form one dance.

A Medley is a mode where five songs in the game get mixed together to form one performance. They first appeared in Just Dance 2.


Medleys are dances that take parts from five songs and put them together in one routine. They appear in Just Dance 2, Just Dance Wii, Just Dance 3, and Just Dance Wii 2. 2 and Wii featured two types of Medleys: the regular type that featured Solo performances, and Duet Medleys that featured Duet performances. 3 and Wii 2 contained a new type to increase the selection: Dance Crew Medleys that featured Dance Crew performances. 


  • Duet Medleys did not allow to player to select a dancer in 2 and Wii, but they were made available in 3 and Wii 2. This selection method was also used for Dance Crew Medleys.
  • Just Dance 3 was the only game in the series that required the mode to be unlocked. All types had to be unlocked through Mojo.
  • In Just Dance 3, unlockable songs could be part of the medleys. The Xbox 360 version in particular could also include DLCs.
  • The Xbox 360 version of Just Dance 3 did not score any Gold Moves that occurred in the Medley.
  • The songs, in order, heard during the menu when a player has the mode in queue are
    • Just Dance 2
      • Medley: Dagomba,
      • Duet Medley: Jump