The Just Dance Soundless Quiz was a game where the Just Dance community could earn points toward the revealings of new tracks for Just Dance 2014. It was playable through either an app on Facebook or through any of the European Just Dance websites.


The gameplay consisted of a player figuring out the songs to the moves the dancer(s) are doing. The player had 3 choices and 15 seconds to figure out what the song the dancer(s) were dancing to. If they got it right they would get points and a clip of the routine on their screen. A total of 5 songs can be answered. How big or small the points were depended on how fast the player got it. 

  • 11-15 seconds = Perfect 
  • 6-10 seconds = Good 
  • 2-5 seconds = Ok
  • 0-1 second(s) = Time's Up and/or X 

A turn in process

If the player doesn't answer, gets the answer wrong or answers it correctly with one second left, they don't get any points. If the player is having trouble figuring it out, a Pictogram is there for the player to click on and it will give them a clue on what the song is. After a while if the player still has time, the clue will stop appearing.  

Along with the actual game, the player could also see their ranking, share their score on Facebook, (either from the app or any of the websites) and invite their friends to play the game.


The prizes for the game were song reveals for Just Dance 2014. When the community reached a certain amount of points, a new song and a gameplay for that song were unlocked that they can view. There were a total of 12 songs they could view from, with the first two beings songs that were announced beforehand.


Prizes Page

  1. She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)
  2. Starships
  3. Rich Girl
  4. Y.M.C.A.
  5. Pound The Alarm
  6. Blame It On The Boogie
  7. I Kissed A Girl
  8. In The Summertime
  9. Ghostbusters
  10. Fine China
  11. Kiss You
  12. C'mon

Pound The Alarm and Kiss You were announced beforehand as well, but they had alternate versions revealed from the game.

"In The Summertime" was labled as "Summertime".


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