Just Dance Kids is a videogame in the Just Dance series and the first game in the Kids series. It was released for the Wii on November 9, 2010 for North America and November 3, 2011 for Europe.


The Kids series follows the same path the main series does in that players follow the dancers on screen to earn points, and the person that earns the most points wins. There are three modes in the game.

  • Regular is standard gameplay. Players mimic the dancers on screen to earn points. The person that has the most points at the end wins.
  • Team High Score bonds players together to achieve a high score. While the actual gameplay is the same from Regular, the mode is aimed to be less competitive and more teamwork based.
  • Freeze & Shake alternates the normal gameplay by freezing the score meters. Whenever that occurs, the player(s) with their meter frozen must stay still. If they do, they will earn points, but if they move, they will lose points.

Some of the features seen include pre-made playlists the players can perform to, customziable playlists players can make, a section that allows players (specifically adults) to monitor the progress of the players, and the ability to filter songs based on age groups.


Song Menu Picture Difficulty Effort Age Group
ABC 1 1
All Star 3 2
Alphabet Song 1 1
Ants Go Marching 1 2
Beautiful Life 1 2
Bingo 1 2
Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?) 2 2
Celebration 2 2
Funkytown 3 2
Get the Sillies Out 1 3
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) 3 3
Happy Birthday to You 2 1
Haven't Met You Yet 1 1
Here We Go Again 3 3
Holiday 2 1
Hot Hot Hot 1 2
Hot Potato 3 3
I Like to Dance 2 3
I Wanna Be With U 1 1
If you're happy and you know it 1 1
I've Been Working on the Railroad 2 2
Jungle Boogie 2 1
Kids in America 3 3
Kung Fu Fighting 3 2
Macarena 3 1
Magic 3 1
Mickey 2 3
Mmmbop 2 2
Naturally 3 1
Old McDonald Had a Farm 2 1
One Time 3 1
Party in My Tummy 1 1
Pop Goes the Weasel 1 1
Shake It 2 3
Surfin' U.S.A. 1 2
The Chicken Dance 1 3
The Hamster Dance Song 1 2
The Monkey Dance 1 3
Wheels on the Bus 1 1
When the Saints Go Marching In 1 2
Who Let the Dogs Out 3 3
YMCA 2 2


  • The majority of the songs are covered, but there are no cover artists listed when scrolling through the menu. However, as revealed by an album titled "Just Dance Kids", it is said that all of the covers are done by a group called "The Just Dance Kids".
    • This group has also been mentioned in the main series. If one scrolls to find Alphabet Song in the menu, the cover artist will be listed as "The Just Dance Kids".
      • The same group would also be listed in the main series for the covers of Jingle Bells and The Lion Sleeps Tonight, both songs from Just Dance Kids 2/Just Dance Kids. This possibly concludes that the same group did the covers for the songs in that game as well.