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Just Dance is the first videogame in the Just Dance series. It was released for the Wii on November 2009.


The gameplay for Just Dance involves players mimicking the character seen on the screen, earning points while doing so. (The ratings used are GREAT, OK, and X. Additionally, a Shake feature was featured on some routines that allowed players to earn many points for their score by following the character's motions while rocking the Wii Remotes continuously.) At the end, the player with the most points wins. Quick Play mode is designed for free play and friendly competition, allowing the players to dance to whatever song of their choosing from the list. Challenge mode on the other hand is designed for a real competition. The players can set a round of 1, or set rounds of 3, 5, or 10 and have the option to compete in different types of play to win the overall mode. In all there are three types of play for the players to pick for the entire mode.

  • Classic: Acts in a similar fashion to Quick Play
  • Strike A Pose: This mode has the players needing to focus at their own gauges while dancing. Whenever the player has a Stop Sign on their gauge, they are suppose to freeze. When a Go Sign appears, they start dancing again. If the player moves while there's a Stop Sign, they will lose points. The player with the most points wins that round.
  • Last One Standing: Each player will get 7 hearts. Every move they do incorrectly causes them to lose one, but they can gain it back by getting 5 "GREAT" ratings in a row. When all of the hearts are gone, the player is eliminated. The last person remaining wins that round.

The player who wins the most rounds (or round if 1 round is chosen) is considered the winner of the mode.


Song Menu Picture Difficulty Effort
A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix) ALittleLessConversation(JXLRadioEditRemix) 2 2
Acceptable in the 80s AcceptableInThe80s 3 3
Bebe Bebe 2 1
Can't Get You Out of My Head Can'tGetYouOutofMyHead 2 1
Cotton Eye Joe CottonEyeJoe 1 3
Eye of the Tiger EyeoftheTiger 1 3
Fame Fame 1 3
Funplex (CSS Remix) Funplex(CSSRemix) 2 2
Girls And Boys GirlsAndBoys 2 2
Girls Just Want To Have Fun GirlsJustWantToHaveFun 1 2
Groove Is in the Heart GrooveIsintheHeart 3 2
Heart of Glass HeartofGlass 2 1
Hot N Cold (Chick Version) HotNCold(ChickVersion) 1 3
I Get Around IGetAround 2 1
I Like to Move It (Radio Mix) ILiketoMoveIt(RadioMix) 2 2
Jerk It Out JerkItOut 3 3
Jin Go Lo Ba JinGoLoBa 3 2
Kids in America KidsInAmerica 2 2
Le Freak LeFreak 2 1
Louie Louie LouieLouie 1 3
Lump Lump 1 3
Mashed Potato Time MashedPotatoTime 1 1
Pump Up the Jam PumpUptheJam 2 3
Ring My Bell RingMyBell 2 1
Step By Step StepByStep 2 2
Surfin' Bird Surfin'Bird 1 3
That's the Way (I Like It) That'sTheWay(ILikeIt) 3 1
U Can't Touch This UCan'tTouchThis 2 3
Wanna Be WannaBe 1 2
Who Let the Dogs Out WhoLettheDogsOut 3 2
Womanizer Womanizer 2 1


  • This game was released later than any other game in the main series, being released in November. Likewise, this is the only game in the main series to be released in November, as every other game has been released in October.
  • The number of songs in the game (32) is the least amount out of all the games in the main series.


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