A Gold Move is a special move that allows the player to earn extra points. It appears to be the replacement for the Shake feature in Just Dance and has appeared in every Just Dance game since Just Dance 2.


A gold move is identified normally by a pictogram that is either gold or outlined in gold. As the move is about to happen, a visual effect combined with a sound effect starts to grasp. When the move occurs, the visual effect and sound effect burst out. If the player did the move correctly, they would earn a YEAH! rating and earn more points. If they didn't, an X would occur. While this is standard, games in the series have had different variations of the Gold Move.

  • In the Xbox 360 versions of Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Greatest Hits, if the player did not complete the Gold Move, the burst of the visual and sound effect would not appear.
  • In Just Dance Kids, a Gold Move does not come with any effect. It also can produce a rating other than YEAH! and X.
  • In Just Dance Disney Party and Just Dance Kids 2014, the visual effect would not always be gold. Disney Party would also have a visual attached to the theme of the song.
  • In Yokai Watch: Just Dance Special Version, the visual effect includes pictures of