Finesse (Remix) is a song in Just Dance 2019 and Just Dance Now. It is by Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B.


The Classic dance takes place on a brightly lit set accompanied with various alternating graphics in the back ranging from shapes, buildings, and silhouettes of the coaches. Other things that are seen, but are not directly from the back include a small house, a set of panels, and speaker boxes. Likewise, those alternate throughout the performance.

The Extreme dance takes place on a grid of squares, that can protrude in and out, projecting an altered image of the setting from the Classic dance. At numerous occasions, the squares flash light and appear in different hues ranging in all types of colors.


Criteria required for unlocking content based off of Finesse (Remix)

Classic VersionEdit

  • Just Dance 2019: Available from start

Extreme VersionEdit

  • Just Dance 2019 (Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox One): Earn Superstar rank (11,000 points or more) on the Classic Version
  • Just Dance 2019 (Wii, Xbox 360): Game Progression (alternate to be unlocked)

Appearances in other songsEdit

None of the coaches associated with Finesse (Remix) have appeared in any other song in the series.





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