In the main series of Just Dance there have been elements that have not been in the final game. Here is a list of the ones that are known.

Just DanceEdit

Fame DancerEdit

A few images show the Fame dancer with a different appearance. Instead of the big top and sweatpants the dancer now has, the clothing consisted of a sparkly hat, a sparkly top with a F on it; stylized in the font of the Fame logo, sparkly shorts, and sparkly shoes. Her hair was also shorter instead of being big and curly.

Just Dance SR/2Edit

Hot Stuff ChoreographyEdit

The Hot Stuff choreography originally has a different set of moves, first having the guy on the left and the girl on the right. The beginning was different , with the most dramatic move getting changed being the move where they use their arms and fists. In that they had them going in the same direction unlike in the final version where they go in different directions. There was also another move where the girl is acting as she's fishing for the guy's heart. This was replaced with the dancers rowing towards the other spot. (i.e. Right to Left and Left to Right) 

Hot Stuff colorsEdit

The original colors for Hot Stuff were red and purple. This was changed in the final version to orange and yellow. However there was another version shown in a gameplay video where the dancers were purple. The purple kind later appeared in the Promiscuous Mashup in Just Dance 3.

Unknown DancersEdit

In one of the E3 trailers there were 2 dancers that appear that are not in the final game. One of them having a big green and pink dress while the

The checkerboard sweater and hat dancer

other having a checkerboard sweater and a hat. The checkerboard sweater and hat dancer appeared in various Just Dance 2 things and even appeared on the Europe cover of Just Dance 2. A picture of the dancer appeared in a background that looks similar to Baby Girl which could mean that Baby Girl was originally meant for this dancer or was originally not on the tracklist and was replaced by the song the checkboard sweater and hat dancer had. Another dancer with a blue jacket and hat appeared in a Backstage video on justdancegb's channel and has also appeared in various Just Dance 2 stuff, including an appearance on the Europe cover of Just Dance 2. The dancer with the blue jacket and hat also has 

The dancer with the big pink and green dress

a different color scheme where the jacket was red instead of blue.

It was suspected that the checkboard sweater and hat dancer was for Let's Get it Started by The Black Eyed Peas due to the costume resembling what was wearing the music video. The dancer with the blue jacket and hat was suspected to be I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas due to moves resembling moves from a Live Performance of the song. However, both of these have not been confirmed or have any other sources indicating that those are the songs for those dancers.


The blue jacket and hat dancer

Tidbits of the choreo the checkerboard sweater and hat dancer dances to appear in various videos. The most can be seen herewhich also shows choreo for the blue jacket and hat dancer.

Walk Like An Egyptian ChoreographyEdit

In one of the E3 trailers, the Walk Like An Egyptian showed a different choreography where the dancer was moving her hands right and left and letting go of them at the top of her head. It is unknown when that move would appear in the dancer but it was cut in the final version.

Different Scoring SystemEdit

In one of the E3 trailers as well as a gameplay video, the scoring system was different. It showed Soul Bossa Nova with a similar but vastly different scoring system. It showed a similar sphere from the final version but there was a circle in it instead if an outline for scoring and would get bigger or smaller depending on the ratings. The pictograms, ratings, the On Fire feature, and the bunch with the player's name and score all had a different look and there was a very short outline that appeared. It is unknown what that was meant for.

In gameplay videos for Just Dance 2, the font for the player's name and score were bolder. The scoring system would automatically appear instead of scrolling to the amount they have so far, the gauge was darker and the lyrics came up differently. The bolder font also appeared in some dances of the Gamescom trailer. There was also 2 sounds for the On Fire feature that were taken out in the final version. 1 sound would be for the small flame and another for the big flame. It was also more bunched togetheer and darker.


Y.M.C.A. was shown being announced on many websites including Ubisoft's info page however it is not in the actual game. During the development it was taken off Ubisoft's info page. Y.M.C.A. eventually made it into the Just Dance series appearing in both Just Dance Kids & Just Dance 2014's (The former having a cover version of it)

Just Dance 2 DLCEdit

Crying Blood Gold MovesEdit

There were originally 4 gold moves for the 2 poses that appeared twice in the gameplay video. This was changed to 2 where the Gold Move appears the 2nd time the 2 poses are done.

Futebol Crazy colorsEdit

The colors for Futebol Crazy were orignally blue and purple. This was changed to yellow and green.

Skin-To-Skin background Edit

In a screenshot of Skin-To-Skin it showed there being no pink rectangles on the floor. They were added into the final version.

Just Dance 3Edit

What You Waiting For choreographyEdit

The choreography for some parts of What You Waiting For were changed. The first one was during the chorus and the other during the bridge.

Menu Edit

In the Manual for the PS3 & Wii versions, an image of the Song Collection shows different poses for some of the songs. Specifically they are Price Tag, Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), Think, Da Funk, Jamaican Dance, I'm So Excited, Tightrope (Solo Version), and Pata Pata. All of the poses except for Think & Jamaican Dance are used in the Xbox 360 version of the game. 

The image also shows Dynamite having the dancers switch spots than in the final version (i.e. The guys on in the middle and the girls in the sides) as well as Think & Lollipop switching places than where they are in the actual game.


On a site that did some of the graphic designs for Just Dance 3, 2 backgrounds are shown that are not in the game. One is in a mall while the other is in a purple area with pink & yellow triangles. It is unknown whether or not these were the originial backgrounds for some songs or if they were backgrounds for songs that got cut if there were songs originally planned for the game. It is also unknown if these backgrounds were for Just Dance 3 as Mister's background is also in the bunch of backgrounds that were shown. 

Just Dance 4Edit

Istanbul MashupEdit

In the files of the game a Mashup that looks like it was designed to be for Istanbul was cut from the game. It is unknown why it was cut.

Just SweatEdit

The Just Sweat mode was greatly changed in terms of apperance. For one, the timer was shown to be in the middle of the left side instead of being in the bottom-left corner. The accuracy line and font for the words Cool & Intense were also changed. The ending screen was also different, having a diffferent look for the Sweat Drops, the Cool,Intense,Warmup, & Cool Down logos as well as showing the Intensity and Accuracy of the workout. The Warmup & Cool Down logos were also purple, instead of being yellow like the Intense logo.

Dancer Card AvatarsEdit

Originally, the avatars for the Dancer Cards (Even though Dancer Cards weren't shown at the time) and for the game were little tiny boxes. Each box was able to show 1 face of a dancer from the game. Eventually, these were scrapped and were replaced with bigger, simple 2-D avatars.


A picture of a website showing off Just Dance 4 that had the dancers of Disturbia, Airplanes, and Ain't No Other Man (Airplanes having a blue clothing scheme and Ain't No Other Man having a different look from the top) was shown, but the picture has since been removed.

Dancers Edit

So good was going to get the part.

Just Dance 2014Edit


Treasure was sappost to in the game but it's getting moved to just dance 2017. A number of unknown dancers appear in various pieces of Just Dance 2014 material. One is a dancer with a disco ball for a head, another a guy with a red suit and red hair, another a guy with a hat, another a guy with a mohawk and another a girl with a jacket around her waist.

Just Dance DJEdit

In the E3 trailer, a mode called the "Just Dance DJ" was going to appear in the game. It appeared to be a mode where a person could freestyle to songs in the game and switch songs in between. It was not seen after this and was removed for unknown reasons.

Minor Beta ElementsEdit

These beta elements are minor. Like the ones aboves it is unknown whether or not which ones if any were suppose to originally be like that or if they haven't been programmed into the game yet.

Just DanceEdit

Just Dance 2Edit

E3 2010 Edit

  • The Walk Like An Egyptian dancer was in a red and green color scheme.
  • The guy dancer in A-Punk had an orange, yellow, and purple color scheme..
  • The I Got You (I Feel Good) dancer had a green and yellow color scheme in both the trailer as well as a picture released on the time E3 2010 was on.
  • A pink cover of Just Dance 2 was shown in images on the internet during E3's time. While it is unknown that it's real, it does showcase the checkboard sweater and hat dancer.
  • The colors scheme for When I Grow Up when the dancer is in her living room was blue and pink. 
  • The beginning of A-Punk had them standing there instead of being "frozen".
  • The beginning of TiK ToK originally didn't have it appear by lightning.
  • The background for TiK ToK originally didn't have the colored lightnings.
  • The beginning of I Feel Good originally didn't have the dance mov in closer.
  • The background for Idealistic originally had shapes behind the upside V shaped lines.
  • The 1, 2, 3, 4 from Just Dance was shown in the first few gameplay videos of Just Dance 2. 
  • The lyrics had a different look and a different process of showing up.
  • The Gold Move appeared more dark yellow and bursted out behind the dancer.
  • The rating for whenever someone sucessfully did a Gold Move was not filled with white and had more of a dark yellow look. 

Gamescom 2010Edit

  • The alternate color scheme for Toxic was originally a light purple for the nurse outfit with a darkened skin color. 
  • The Crazy In Love dancer was shown to have a green and pink scheme in the trailer.
  • In the trailer as well as a gameplay video, the background for Cosmic Girl was brighter.

Other TimesEdit

  • In a picture of Katti Kalandal their skin is darker.
  • On the cover art for the regular and Best Buy editions, the Call Me dancer had a color scheme or purple and pink. 
  • The first few moves of SOS were not scored. The beginning also didn't have her fade in.
  • There are 3 different color schemes of Holiday that aren't in the final version. There is green and pink, orange, green, and pink and blue. The blue one appears in the Menu Bubble of Holiday but the color scheme doesn't appear in the routine.
  • In pictures of the songs they show 2 other types of ratings that were not in the final version.
  • The Just Sweat gauge had a color meter and a yellow Sweat counter. It was changed to a green and blue colored meter with the counter being gray. The meter was called Energy Booster but it was taken out in the final version. The words Let's Sweat also appear but it is unknown why it was there..
  • (Tiny bit at Gamescom and after Gamescom) The Move Your Feet background was different. The phrases Everybody and Move You Feet would appear in bubble text throughout the song. 
  • (Tiny bit in E3) The legs in the background of Soul Bossa Nova originally didn't move and were darker.
  • The colors of the dancers of Soul Bassa Nova were darker.
  • The 2 gold moves in the beginning were originally regular moves. (It is unknown if they were suppose to be regular moves or were planned to be Gold Moves but didn't put them in at the time)
  • The hair for Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) were two buns.
  • The hair for Crazy In Love was shown as being straight and long at one point.

Just Dance 3Edit

Comic-Con 2011Edit

  • On the NSTC cover as well as the event it showed the Dance All Nite dancer having longer and wavier hair. 
  • The Hold My Hand version of Giddy On Up (Giddy On Out) was shown in the regular menu.
  • At the end of Baby One More Time the dancers do not stay up in the air and "freeze"

Just Dance 4Edit

  • On the Oops I Did It Again menu square, one of the dancers hair is longer
  • The preview to Disturbia contains more pink in the background
  • On the Hot For Me menu square, the dancers football pads are thinner.

Just Dance 2014Edit

E3 2013Edit

  • The color scheme for the On Stage mode of Careless Whisper was different.
  • The dancer from Flashdance... What A Feeling when she has a dress was not shadowered. 
  • The point system (X, OK, GOOD, PERFECT and YEAH!) got a more "moving" animation in the final game. They were just still and didn't move at all during the production (except for the effects around them).  

Just Dance 2015 Edit

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